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Cool Concessions LLC, The Jersey Shore's Premier Ice Cream Trucks

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Cool Concessions restores its 1973!
We want you to enjoy our ice cream trucks.  A clean apperance is a must for our trucks.  Call or email us to book a truck for your event.  Cool Concessions has been known to cater to events on extreme short notice.  We will try our best to make it work.

1973 Good Humor Truck
Good Humor Truck
Getting ready for the new season!

Call or email......... Book your next event now !!!

We Scream For Ice Cream


Call Or email to inquire about an ice cream truck for your next function.

Cool Concessions will purchase your ice cream truck.  We are currently looking for classic good humor style trucks in any condition.

1973 Good Humor Truck restored

As the Jersey Shore sees an increase in ice cream trucks,  Cool Concessions will continue to stay ahead of the competition with continued upgrades and additions to its fleet!!

Looking Good From The Back!

serving Monmouth and Ocean counties and other parts of NJ